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“The lighter”

Por on 5 de janeiro de 2019

Today I completed 15.000 kilometers in Moldova, the country number 21 in my trip. I crossed the border from Ukraine yesterday and I camped behind a church. In this morning after the breakfast, I wrote the word “lighter” on my reminders notes. I used to use one to light the fire on my stove and I needed to buy a new one.

In the middle of the day, the man in the first picture had stopped his car and stood on the road filming me. I smiled, greeted him but didn’t stop. He passed me again with his car and stopped, waiting for me one more time. And, at this time, before I stop he said holding and showing me his phone: “Isra Coifman? Isra Coifman?”

He showed to me my Instagram account and smiled back! Someone I don’t know who in BELARUS, told him I was coming to MOLDOVA and he was there, waiting for me on the road to meet me. He also is a biker.

It was a quick meeting because it was cold to stand on the road talking for a long time. And before leaving, he got into his car and came back with a gift…he wanted to give me something…and he gave me a LIGHTER.

I laughed loud and hug him! REALLY?

The second picture is the family of Adik watching one of my videos. A man who saw me on the border yesterday and, after a short conversation, invited me to come to his house. I didn’t get his number and I forgot his name because it was a really quick meeting. But he pinned his house in my map and I just followed without any clue what was waiting for me. Beyond a warm bed, a hot shower, delicious dinner and laundry, I met a beautiful heart, a happy family. A great meeting and new friends.



Santos - SP

Jornalista, Israel Coifman é paulista de Santos e tem 35 anos. A paixão pelo esporte levou-o à profissão e o trabalho lhe apresentou o mundo. Passou por empresas como MTV, ESPN e Mowa Sports e por seis anos rodou o planeta cobrindo a seleção brasileira de futebol. Começou como freelancer e foi editor, repórter, produtor, videomaker, diretor de fotografia e deixou a função de head de video da agência Mowa Sports para ir atrás de um sonho genuinamente seu: viajar o mundo de bicicleta.

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