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Por on 5 de janeiro de 2019

It supposed to be my last day in Ukraine. Yesterday I finished my day feeling fulfilled and today I put the bike on the road to cross the border to Moldova.

I took the wrong way and before I realized that, the things got worse. The road was terribly slippery, like an ice skating road and I was riding carefully, but I did a mistake, a move to the wrong side to avoid the ice and a car, that was also driving slow and carefully, couldn’t stop before hitting my bike. I slipped to one side and the car to the other. Magically I didn’t fall down and I didn’t get any injury or scratches. My bike was ok too, but my bags broken. The driver checked his car and left me there. Ok, no news.

The day seemed like a shit, but I still had that great feeling from yesterday and from the nice Ukrainians. I tied the bags with robes and tried to keep going to my destination. But suddenly the road ended in a river. That’s all. No crossing point. There I figure out during the winter the bridge and ferry are out of service. So I had to come back. What a joke! Too cold to complain! Let’s do that!

But than I met this man singing on the van. He gave me a lift 15km back to the city. How could I felt bad? Yeah…fuck! A car crashed my bike, I had my both rear bags broken in a wrong icy road in the middle of nowhere…but this man singing didn’t let me down. I had to smile for that…and sing together. It was a good signal, definitely!

I texted Vladimir. The man with a big heart, owner of @svithub . 2 days before, he had invited me to stay in his hostel as a way to support my trip. I told him what just happened and within 10 minutes @kovalmihail745 arrives. He took me, the bike and bags to his bike shop where I met @eugenesemash . They helped a lot! What a awesome guys! They spent the entire afternoon making adaptations to my bags in my racks and also some repairs I was needing in my brakes. They didn’t allow me to pay any cent, just like Vladimir in his property. I don’t know from where all this unbelievable people are coming, but they still appearing as angels on my way.

I’d like to thank you so much guys! You changed my day! You are awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll be back!


5 de janeiro de 2019

5 de janeiro de 2019



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