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Cold weather warm hearts

Por on 6 de dezembro de 2018

Ukraine. I just arrived but I got already a beautiful feeling for your people. Yesterday was being another freezing day. I arrived in a small village called Manevychi to buy some bread before start chasing a place to sleep. In the mini market I asked to a group of students where I could camp in a safe and hidden area near there. Bohdana, a 17yo girl who speaks English as a native was leading – followed by the others – to show me some camping opportunities. During the way Dasha made a call then asked me: “don’t you want to sleep in my grandparents house?”


I smiled and I didn’t think twice and agreed.


Seriously! What the chance that you meet a stranger and a few minutes later you invite him to your grandmother’s house?


I was treated as a grandson! Eyes communication – bright eyes communication, gestures, smiles and sometimes google translator.

They feed my soul. There is no winter that can fight against a warm grandmother’s heart. The grandfather made me feel drunk after 5 shots of vodka and at 7pm I was sleeping like a baby. Next morning they prepared a breakfast and they made some sandwiches for the road, just like my grandmother would do. A tide hug later I was cycling again and feeling super!

I couldn’t be better welcomed, Ukraine! Thanks Guys! It was unforgettable!


5 de dezembro de 2018

5 de janeiro de 2019

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    Wallace Fonseca

    4 de março de 2020

    Man, reading this make me feel goosebumps! I’m about to do a bike trip in Europe as you are doing – or did. My first country will be Greece but definitely I want to go to Ukraine. Actually I want to visit and stay at least 1 month in each country.
    The people are awesome, we just don’t know that well!


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