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Por on 5 de novembro de 2018

I don’t know – even after almost 2 years on the road – why I still insist going to big metropolis. No complains about Saint Petersburg at all! It was a great surprise the city, nice people, amazing architecture, good food, good bars, resting and also yoga time… but a big city within a long bicycle trip means too noise. Many distractions, a lot of unnecessary information and spending more money that we need. And the comfort? I always miss my tent and my privacy after one or two nights. But the hardest part is what the big city reveals about old habits. We easily dive deep in that but in the other hand you don’t fit anymore. You don’t fit to the people.


It’s impossible to not look like a crazy person once you meet urban person again. For a few you are interesting but usually you are odd to them! It’s confusing, distressful, it bother. I spent more than one week there, trying to find some balance, trying to plan to where to go. I felt lost, trapped, behaving as I don’t use to anymore. Although I had a lot of fun, I felt empty, sad… As an ordinary city life. 


Doubts, thoughts and nothing after 9 days there. West? East? Also staying or stop  it I thought. The winter was scaring me and I was trapped. Than, suddenly I put the bike on the road again, trusting, riding to some place in town, a bifurcation where I had to decide: Left or right. The mind got wider and wider after each pedal turned. And I took to the left, to the west. Then a relief… an opposite feeling of what I felt all the time in town.  “Why? Why I stopped so long again. The answers always come from the road, or when we are moving”.

Many kilometers later I was back to the game and back to the game of hunting a place to camp. I asked in a kind of construction shop if I could pitch my tent in a big field a few meters from there. The manager took me to another building, where he introduced me Ebec, Xasan and Otabek. All of them are from Uzbekistan and are workers in that site. I got a bed in a warm dorm. They didn’t allow me to cook or even wash the dishes. They provided me a delicious kind of handmade pasta. All communication was thru google translator and we had a lot of fun, laughing with curiosities. It was 7pm when I went to bed. Was an intense day. 2h30 later one of them shook me, waking me up from a deep sleep. The dinner was ready! What? Dinner? Again? I tried to refuse but they won.

New and fresh food. More laughs, more cultural exchange, pictures and that eyes brightening…mine and theirs. I was definitely back on track after a very hard beginning in that morning in Saint Petersburg.

I slept better there than the 9 days in a hostel. 

Today a hug to say goodbye and they gave me this beautiful and tasty bread they baked yesterday night. And last but not least: the feeling that I took the right way, the best decision. And it doesn’t matter to where or what’s going to happen. I was missing that uncertainty feeling and even also the cold winds punching my face. 


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